Monday, July 8, 2013

Starstruck and the Second Worst Facebook Posts

In honor of Chuck Klosterman's new book, I am going to blog about something positive rather than negative.  Although his new book is about black hat villains so he is a hypocrite. 
Freddie Prinze Jr.
With all due respect to my friends in Southern California, the second worst Facebook post is the frantic/excited star sighting.  These posts are not necessarily exclusive to Los Angeles but that is where most are generated.  

Here is a sample of what most look like..."OMG, just pulled up at Starbucks in line behind Freddie Prinze Jr.!!!"  Another favorite is the spotting and the subsequent judgement...."Just saw Paula Abdul in Malibu, and she is not so pretty without makeup...get a better dress Paula."

David Beckham
No need for further examples, as these posts are all the same.  My question is why do people feel the need to post eye witness accounts of stars doing ordinary things?  Why are people starstruck with celebrities?  

I have a few theories...perhaps celebrities represent something unobtainable and yet when seen in person they become mythical, god-like beings incarnate.  Perhaps celebrities (and their misadventures) represent personal qualities either felt or yearned for by non-celebrities?  An example of this logic would be something like I want to be a pirate so when I see Johnny Depp, I feel as though I am seeing a real pirate...or that I fashion myself a pirate or having pirate qualities so this pleases my psyche.  

Maybe this is psycho-babble and people are just starstruck.

It does beg the question if I would be starstruck...and by whom?  I have given this thought and came up with a name.  It is not some hockey player (I've met a few) or a politician (I've met many and they mostly suck) or even some starlet.  David Beckham.  

NO, I do not have a man crush on David Beckham.  Yes, seeing Becks in person would prompt me to at least snap a picture and post to twitter. Why?  Well he is an international playboy/athlete with devilish good looks.  Additionally he has a good looking family, donated a multimillion dollar salary to a charity in France, and is the most famous athlete on the planet.  

Does this mean I want to BE David Beckham...No, but more like him maybe.  It could not hurt.  So who is on your starstruck list?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thoughts on Addiction

What if everything you knew added up to a negative?  What if your favorite thing made you sick?  What if you kept doing it over and over and could not stop, regardless of the consequences?  Yes this is dramatic.  This is the reality for Coca Cola.

I'm not addicted to Coca Cola.  Although I do have a propensity for Diet Coke.  This conversation could go many ways but I'd rather make it topical.  Confession: I love Diet Coke.  I drink Diet Coke daily.  I get headaches when I do not drink it.  I realize its probably not good for me. I keep doing it.

Why do I care?  The New York Times has made quite a spectacle lately lambasting Coca Cola.  There have been several government reports saying sugar sweetened drinks (Coke is main culprit) are the biggest cause of obesity in Americans' diets.  Really?  Apple pie, motherhood, Ford Mustangs and Coca Cola.  That is what America is built on right?  I fondly remember the "Perfect Harmony" video from my childhood.  This cannot be the same company that is killing us can it?
Apparently it is.  The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has mandated that New Yorkers cannot buy super-sized soda pop because it is killing us.  Yes, killing us.  If you do not believe me, watch this other video that is a parody of the Coke bears.

Yes, this is very dramatic but so what right? I guess I am alarmed while looking at my diet pop sitting my desk all ready for lunch time. The question is do I drink it or not.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Enduring Legacy of Time After Time

Last week I got caught by a random lady mouthing the lyrics to "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper while grocery shopping at Fred Meyer.  She said, "thats OK, I like that song too."  I was a little embarrassed but I looked around and saw a few other parents were humming or whistling the song too.  I realized I really like the song, even though it 28 years old. 

Then just a day after my singing was exposed at the super market, I heard "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" at my gym lobby.  I wanted to puke.  I hate this song with a passion.  I saw the video when I was a kid and wondered why this crazy chick with red hair was running around and trashing stuff.  Just horrible rubbish.  

How can Cyndi Lauper have one of the best songs of all time and one of the worst.  One of the best all time?  Yes.  "Time After Time" has been covered by more than 60 artists, including Miles Davis (instrumental), Sugar Ray, Willie Nelson, Matchbox 20 and Uncle Kracker.  MTV rated it the #66 best pop song ever.  I never turn the radio station when it is on.  I can remember dozens of movies where it is the love song.  I bet Cyndi makes millions on the rights and residual purchases on iTunes and others. 

My point is that we should all turn the station when we hear Girls Just Want to Have Fun and forever erase it from our memories.  Likewise, we can keep listening to Time After Time.  Good job Cyndi. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Dream Date Made Possible By Social Media

Don’t let the picture fool you.  I am not secretly in love with Mila Kunis.  Although Marine Sgt. Scott Moore from the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan probably is in love with her.  He posted a video on Youtube asking her to the Marine Corps Ball. The video got worldwide attention and she accepted his invitation. Sgt. Moore never met Mila before he posted the video, but the power of social media connected them from a world apart.

Also high on others’ dream date lists is country singer Taylor Swift.  Kevin McGuire, a high school student in Pennsylvania suffering from cancer, started a Facebook fan page asking Taylor to the prom.  The fan page (started by his sister) got thousands of likes.  Taylor could not go to the prom but invited McGuire to be her date at the Academy of Country Music Awards.    McGuire accepted.  I do not think they dated long enough for Taylor to write a break-up song about him though. 
Back before social media existed, ordinary cats like Sgt. Moore and Kevin McGuire had no hope of ever meeting their dream dates and especially never dating them.  I am not saying that the Marine Corps Ball and a high school date counted as official romantic dates, but they do count as dates.  Social media allowed these fans/admirers to bypass record companies, agents, lawyers, parents and everything else to directly solicit the objects of their affection.  How is that so?  Does it even matter why? That is another blog topic. 

It begs the question about my dream date.  It is not what you think.  No, I do not want to take some fake plastic girl out on some crappy date.  I have my beautiful honey.  I want Patrick Marleau to come to my home rink and teach me to skate fast.  Really Fast. 

This is not an “I’m in love with Patrick Marleau” puck bunny kind of thing.  This is me wanting to be the fastest skater in my beer league.  A couple years ago Patrick was named one of the fastest skaters in the NHL – ever.  That is saying a lot.  Speed kills in sports, especially hockey.   

I think the “date” goes down like this:  He and I lace up and talk shop.  Then we work on our explosive skating, quick starts, quick stops, quick turning, quick hands, and then we end the “date” with some beers and pizza.  Heck, I would even let a few of my goalie friends tag along so we could practice shooting at something besides an empty net.  

Is this blog posting, by its very nature, pre-ironical?  Is this going to be forwarded to the San Jose Sharks PR department by one of my readers to make this happen for me?  If it does, I will rent the ice and sharpen my skates.  (HINT: and

I was told I should mention another dream date in our house…someone wants Becks to come teach our kids soccer.  Also overheard is someone wants Jillian Michaels to come to our gym and “kick my ass.”  I would probably participate in both given the chance.

Any other dream dates out there?